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Benelli 20 gauge semi and Remington 1187 slug gun


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I have 2 guns for sale and excellent deals on both. You will not find a better deal anywhere. First is a 20 gauge Benelli Montefeltro semi auto with all the chokes and in excellent shape. Wood stock finish and an excellent small game gun. I have to check barrel length, however, I have 2 of these guns and shot hundreds of pheasants with my other one. It's like an extension of your arm. First $550 takes it. I've seen these used for considerably more. This one was my uncles which was recently given to me. After shooting my gun he went out and bought one.

The next is a remington 1187 12 gauge slug gun with rifled barrel. It has a cantilever scope mount topped with a Leupold 2 - 7 scope. It has the black matt finish and is in excellent shape. The price is also $550 which is less than half price. I have 2 of these guns (my uncle purchased this one also and it was recently handed down to me).

If some is interested in both guns and is able to take them tomorrow I will throw in a SKB 4 gun hard case which Cabelas is selling for $300. You just need to get the keys to lock the case. I cant locate them, however I am certain you can get them from SKB as they still sell this gun case.

I am leaving for PA & NY Wednesday morning for 4 weeks. I recently moved into an apartment and have 2 gun safes full and no room for these 2 guns.

I had these listed before however was out of work due to an unexpected surgery and it's easier to repost these again.

All gun sales through an FFL dealer and must have FID card with matching DL. I have photos of the guns which I can text or email. If anyone is willing to take both (along with the gun case for $1100 will have 1st choice. Sorry about this however I am leaving wednesday and would like to sell them before I leave and it would be easier to meet at 1 FFL dealer tomorrow and do both transactions at the same time. I will be available tomorrow from 4pm on. I am located in Wayne, NJ however will meet at an FFL dealer within 30 minutes or so from my area. If you send me your email or phone I will forward you pics. If someone can post pics for me I will forward you the pics. Having trouble posting them.

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