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At the butchers


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Does any one else feel as though they are making a life decision while choosing what to order from Ely's lol Also has anyone tried their new hot rods or whatever theyre called. Just got some outta a big doe. 

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Haha, I've been to Ely's a number of times...and yeah...you feel like you're dishing out some coin and have some major decisions to make when picking what you want! lol

I haven't tried their new hot rods at all, but have had their honey bologna and also their sausage...which was very well made, plenty of pork in it to keep the moisture and a lot of flavor.


I have to admit though, the best venison sausage I've ever had in my life was on a winter flounder trip with Tom Elefante, who sadly passed away a couple years ago, and a few other site members.  Tom used to make it with his Italian buddies every year, mixed with sharp provolone...man it was outstanding!  Yet another memory of Tom I'll never forget, he was a great dude! :up:

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