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Ignitor nock at 50 yards.


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Ok, so the Ignitor nocks are growing on me. I've been shooting the same nock since I bought them on Monday. Probably have shot this one nock over 100 times so far and "Zero" failure.

This morning I took one of my daughter's water balloons and put in some baby powder and taped it to my backstop. Placed the iPhone just to the side of the target, walked back to 50 yards and shot the heart sized balloon. One shot, one kill... The arrow hit about 1" left of center, but I can live with that at 50 yards... no warm up shots, no video editing. The video is a bit longer than it could be, but I wanted to capture the shot from me turning on the video, walking back to 50, making the shot and then walking back up to the target. The shot happens right around 1:43.5. I really am enjoying my BT Experience. This is probably the most shooter friendly, accurate bow I've owned since I have been hunting now for more than 27 years.


Off topic: since I upgraded to a "smart phone" it makes doing these little videos a snap, just wish there was a tri-pod mount for my smart phone case..lol

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