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Chicken Little

Bucks starting to move in my area

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Finally started to see bucks showing up on camera in last 4 days.

Been virtually all does and fawns in my neck of the woods and then these 3 amigos showed up late last week and been coming around nightly...probably visiting the lovely ladies I have hanging around my stand.

Funny thing is...I hung a scent bomb with doe estrous in a holly bush about 1 inch diameter at eye level..apparently one of these guys did not like it and tore the bush up, snapped it in half and left it laying on the ground.

I got a chuckle out of it.


"8 Ball" is the nicest...typical 8 pt


"Broke Buck Mtn" is a 6 but apparently he has been testing his pecking order as he is all broken up.


"Karch Kiraly" is the Spike



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