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Chicken Little

Slick head down in Zone 55

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Been watching "Wilma" and "Bambam" on my trail cams 4 to 5 times per night for over a month but they have been strictly nocturnal since I turned on the cameras in September. Finally, just before 7 this morning, Wilma decided to take a walk and popped out in front of me at about 30 yds. She was looking to my right for a good 5 minutes and s l o w l y worked her way in front of me before deciding she would return to where she came from. Fortunately I had gotten my bow off the hanger and was waiting for her at about 26 yds, I let my 2 blade Rage loose from my Barnett XBow and it found its mark, but high and back.

After about 30 minutes I got down and finally found her...I hit her in "the void" just under the spine...the blood trail was almost watery and normal blood color but because it was high, there was not a lot of it. Even though high, it still took out lung and she only went 75 yds.20161107_075428_HDR.jpg20161107_075544_HDR.jpg

While trailing her I found several beds under holly bushes, so they have been bedding not 50-75 yds away from my stand which explains why I was seeing them multiple times a night.

She went about 90 lbs and will do nicely to start to fill up my freezer and feed my family.

Thanking the Lord for the harvest and provision.

Hunting nearly everyday since Oct 1, probably 40-45 sits and this as only the 3rd deer seen during shooting light, although thousands of trail pics. Exhausting but finally paid off.

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Well done congrats! :up:

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