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Self filming questions/ what camera?

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So I was informed by my wife this morning when she saw how much venison has been put in the freezer between my son and I in the last two weeks that I can't kill anymore.


My son wants me to come and guide him and give moral support.


So my questions are what's a good camera for amateur videoing a deer hunt so it needs to be good in low light without breaking the bank? Say maximum all in 800 for the camera and arm and what ever else I may need so it doesn't shake like the Blair Witch project. LOL


I have no expectations of trying to get on a hunting show just for personal consumption.


Looking forward to hear what you've got to suggest!



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Try a canon for your first camera that's what I used then stepped up to a Campbell setup

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Low light is a real issue in filming. You loose video recordability around 30 min before you lose shooting light. So that last 1/2 hour is a bust for filming. Any cam that records in at least 720 P HD will do. Even cheapo Nikon digital cams at $99. Figure on a 10X optical zoom. And you'll be good. You'll also need a tree camera arm. But you can get those for $35 on line. You can put together a cheap DIY filming package for under $200. Play with it and the upgrade from there. Keep in mind that another expense will be video editing software. You'll

Need to fine tune that raw footage

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you will want 

manual focus

manual white balance

a shotgun mic input

a LANC input


check on Amazon for a used Canon Vixia


i have a canon HFS21 for truck interview work. it stays on a tripod in the truck.

i use a DSLR when hunting. 

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