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Cousin Brown

Winter Doe Down (pics)

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Went out for a bit & set up. Took the xbow using the new Trauma broad head since my shoulder is acting up & cant draw my compound. Got in the blind about 3:30.

About 5:30 7 slick heads show up. They were getting ready to leave and one of them got broadside to my left. I had to adjust for the shot , lined up the crosshairs & let her fly. I hit the deer but a little back.

I checked the bolt & it had blood with green slime , checked litlle further & had a massive blood trail. Rather be safe then sorry, I let the deer lay for a while.

Followed the blood trail that a blind man could see . She went through some thick briar patches that I had to crawl on my stomach to get to her and 150 yds later I got the deer!

The bolt entered back, hit the front of the stomach/diaphram and took out the far lung.

Gutted her out & was surprised there were hardly any stomach contents inside the cavity, they were still contained inside her stomach lining. Estimated about 100 lbs gutted.











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Rugerman congratulations!:up: I gotta ask you where did you get the Trama's???The 31/8 Right?They were sold out in kentucky in one hr.I contacted the co.Two week's ago they said it would be 3 week's before they would become available,then every major store will put em on the shelves,I'm on there email list haven't heard anything yet please let me know thanks!

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