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Homemade tree quiver holder

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I shoot my Mathews with my 3 arrow quiver detached from the bow. Too many times I have inadvertently left the costly Alpine Archery plastic holder 20 feet up a tree as I climb down in the dark.


A few years ago I brought my detachable quiver to Home Depot and picked out a piece of wood trim/molding that fits with some light pressure tightly into the quiver. I drilled a small hole and put a long sharp drywall screw into it. Once on stand, I screw the piece of molding on my tree and attach the quiver to it. Numerous small quiver attachments were cut from a 4 ft section of molding for a fraction of the price of one new plastic holder.


This has worked for my Alpine Archery softlock quiver and may work with a similar designed quiver you may have....Not sure, but it's worth a shot.....The last pic depicts the quiver attached to the piece as if it were on the tree.




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