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A tip for the AR Builders & buyers

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Nothing is worse than a gun that has feed problems. The 2 causes of this with the AR15 is feed ramp and mags. Your magazine is an easy fix but feed ramp is not. Checking your ramp is easy. If you are purchasing an AR remove the rear pin and remove the BCG. Look at the chamber. When building an AR be sure to use an upper reciever and feed ramp the reciver calls for. On most tacticle guns it is an M4 feed ramp. Custom barrels (which NJ compliant usual needs) you need to see what the manufacturer calls for.


Here is what the feed ramps looks like. The ramps are the grooves cut along the bottom of the chamber the bullet follows into the chamber.



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Now although the M4 exstension on a rifle reciever say OK it may work or may not. I use a M4 ext and M4 reciever. But I also use a M16 bolt. The m16 bolt is heavier and moves slightly slower and smoother than an AR 15 bolt with less slop. You pair an M16 BCG with a M4 reciever and feed ramp and you will never have feed problems.


Unless you are using the wrong amo right stalker LOL.


Here is the difference. The M16 bolt is solid were as the AR15 is cut out along the bottom. This is so the hammer catches the bolt and it is impossible to make your gun full auto. They also save money on materials lol.



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