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Site Content - What's acceptable and what's not?

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I'm posting this as a Sticky in the Lounge because this is the most likely area this will (and already has been) an issue.


OK, so here's a few things for users of the forum to consider as we're starting to see more and more non-related content, as well as conflict/negative oriented threads develop.


1) This is an outdoor related site geared around fishing, hunting, trapping, etc. Your main objective on this forum as a member should be to help contribute in those areas. If the Lounge or posting non-related content is your primary purpose/activity, I would recommend seeking out other forums/websites that focus on that type of content.


2) It is OK to post non-related content from time to time, but please keep in it in the correct forum (Lounge being the generic social area) but do not make it your primary goal here.


3) Posting of any non-related external images directly on this site is subject to being removed at moderator discretion. Do NOT challenge a mod if it gets deleted. You understand the risk of posting it based on the considerations stated here. If you want to share something that is questionable, please PM a mod and ask if it's OK.


4) Repeated attempts to intentionally post content identical to or related to previously removed content, instigate conflict between members, or otherwise violate forum rules will be subject to moderation including suspension of forum privileges or outright ban from the forums.


5) If as a user, you find material to be offensive or identify it as a violation of forum rules, you are encouraged to Report the offending thread/post (using the Report button) and even issue a Warning (using the Warn button) to that user.



With that said, please keep the forum on track with these guidelines to help make it more enjoyable for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please PM a mod to discuss.





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