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Texas Aoudad

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Last March I did this Aoudad Sheep hunt in South West Texas. I didn't know that much about them prior to booking this hunt but read up quite a bit about them on line and conversing with my booking agent and the outfitter. They are also known as Barbary Sheep and were introduced into the desert mountains of west Texas and southern New Mexico. They were imported here in the 1940s from the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa. They have really flourished and roam all over the hill country free ranging and are classified as an exotic game animal. No tags needed just a license. They have become well adapted to the rough desert mountains and were more elusive than I thought . They seem to thrive in the roughest country around and possess an extraordinary sixth sense at detecting danger from a thousand yards away. Their sight was phenomenal. While driving some of the ranch roads they see you way before you see them and hightail it into the next mountain range.



I wish I had pursued them years ago. Where else can you hunt a free ranging elusive sheep and depending on the ranch and trophy quality hunt for under $5000 including airfare , license and tips after our regular hunting season is over with just purchasing an over-the-counter 5 day license costing $48.00. Throw in the fact they are challenging and exciting to hunt and it's a win.


The Ranch I hunted is located in the rugged Mountains of Southwest Texas south of Juno and north of Comstock. The ranch consists of thousands of acres of the most inhospitable, rocky, cactus sticker heaven i've ever hunted except for maybe South Africa.


For the most part the sheep country on this ranch must be accessed by foot, as there is very limited road access. The hunt was tough from a physical perspective especially if you're not used to hiking up bed rock mountains with loose rock under almost every step. If you like physically challenging hunts with lots of glassing and stalking this hunt is for you. If you are not in good physical shape or up there in age this is also a good hunt with enough ranch roads to cover but not getting way back in the deeper bowls. This hunt is entirely free ranging and if You go and hike and climb you will earn your sheep. I went mostly the spot and stalk route We glassed with binoculars and spotting scopes to locate the herds. If and when we spotted the herd before they spotted us the stalk was on. If you are in good shape and you are patient you should get a real good ram.


I shot this ram at 422 yards with a 270 Weatherby Mag and a 140 Grain Barnes X. It took 5 solid hits before he finally laid down.


If anyone has any interest I would highly recommend this hunt PM me for more details.


This is a photo from where I shot him. He was in the top center of the photo about 10 yards down from the horizon.


















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Thanks for sharing. Great pictures & story. Did you eat? If so taste good?

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Thanks for sharing. Great pictures & story. Did you eat? If so taste good?


I didn't eat this guy.

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Good job and a beautiful Aoudad.Is that a mark v fibermark?Looks like rattlesnake country did you bump into a lot of them


Mark V Ultra Lightweight. G

Glad to report no rattlers on this hunt were seen.

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