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WTB Remington 760

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Says they have 92 as of right now.




If you see one you like there here are some buying tips:


  1. Look for sales that don't charge the 3% credit card fee.
  2. Look for low-cost shipping charges.
  3. NEVER send cash/Western Union
  4. I always watch bids for a few days to see what the average selling price is.  Sort the auctions by "ending soon" and you'll see what the most current closing bids are.  That'll give you an idea of what people are paying.  These things also go in cycles, so something that is selling hot in September might go cold in November, and you might get a deal.  I did that with my Glock 23 and got it for less than dealer cost.
  5. Find an FFL near you and understand what their fees are.  You will have to pay for it to be transferred to an NJ FFL, and they will charge for the background check and their own fee for the service.  The price varies widely from FFL to FFL, so shop around.  I use a local guy, pay a little more than I could, but the service and convenience are great and that's what I'm paying for.
  6. If you pick your gun up on a weekday evening, chances are that the NJ background check system will go down.  Happened to me the last two times, and on one occasion their datacenter went down, so that created a delay.  If you can pick it up earlier in the day or in the morning on a weekend, that might be a better time.

Best of luck with your gun search.

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