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Big 8 Down

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This is the quickest regular bow season I have had yet. I shot my doe early yesterday morning, and wasn't able to get out in the afternoon. Too hot anyway. Thought i would try it this afternoon. I got in the stand at 330pm. About 615pm i hear footsteps in the woods behind me. First a doe and a youngin hit the field 20 yards to my right. Then a small dinker, then this giant 8. Trailing behind him were a bunch others. Didn't see what they were... i was focused on the 8. He walked out in the field to 30 yards. I drew and let er loose. My arrow found it's mark. Id like to thank my cousins Steve and Scott, we been scouting this property since early june. We passed countless amount of dinkers with hopes they would grow into giants. I think it's working. Scott, thanks for helping me tonight. 


Well here he is:




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