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Ice Fishing and YOJ

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Finally got to go out and do some ice fishing today on Little Swartswood, cook some some venison dogs and kielbasa and just a great day out. Bite was slow some sunfish and lost a whopper of a rainbow trout at the holes. Seen some others caught and one musky that someone also lost.


More importantly I finally stopped into YOJ and met Garret, let me tell you that I almost forgot I was in NJ. We picked up some bait, miscellaneous stuff and and a freind bought a Kodiak sled. Everyone was so friendly and Garret printed me out directions from his shop to the lake. This was the nicest experience I had in a bait shop. :up: Even gave us all free ice picks.


Definitely will be back this year when I fish aeroflex or other lakes in the area.

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