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Pretty Special Winter Bow Hunt for Me

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Friday was an awesome and pretty special hunt. Hunted the am and it was a nice chilly beautiful morning. Had a group of 4 or 5 does come in but slightly out of range. Had to run to the doctors early that afternoon (ear infection and allergies/sinus). After getting my prescriptions dropped off I decided to sneak out for an evening hunt even though it was what I like to call January heat. It was in the low 50's. So I put on my fall bow clothes, grabbed my Hoyt Magnatech and got settled in around 230ish. Sitting there until about 4pm when I see 5 does, and 3 of em are really big, making there way to me from the south. This spot allows me to hunt any westerly wind as they will come from the south and north typically walking along the interior edge of the woods clipping off any scent from deeper in the woods. I researched this spot extensively this past March/April and it has paid off this season. So back to the hunt...the 5 does come in front of me and I notice a flash from where these flatheads originally came from. "Is that buck!?" Nope, it was an injured doe. It took her 10-15 minutes to catch up to the other deer in what took them maybe a couple minutes to get to where they wanted to be. She was suffering badly, falling on her face every other step or two. Her front right leg was broken and locked up. I felt really bad for her. I then said to myself Im taking her...its all or nothing. So I could of picked out any of the others but I chose to put the pressure on myself and risk my hunt by waiting for the injured doe. By the time she came in, the others were feeding for 10-15 minutes and starting to get on edge. Whether from them picking up on me being there, another hunter or something else, who knows. The alpha doe started to back off and took a few trotting steps. We all know when this happens the rest will soon follow. Well at that time I knew it was now or never. With no time and having to react quick, I drew back and settled in on my target and squeezed off. Ended up getting a complete pass through with my Dead Ringer 3 broadhead and in a matter of 3-5 seconds she was down and out. 40 yards from where I hit her. A good sized doe too. It was truly my most special hunt and maybe not as adrenaline packed as my 8pt from last year during the rut, it was close to that. It was still action packed and came down to the wire. Truly a hunt I will never forget. Thanks for reading and good luck to you all the rest of the season for those that have not already called it a year. 

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 I researched this spot extensively this past March/April and it has paid off this season. 



Great advice for the new guys, late winter / early spring is one of the best times to scout and get to know the land you hunt.  

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