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Two 8s down

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Here's the 2 8ptrs I took with the bow this year.


First buck was fall bow, no bait, no camera, just hiked in scouted and hung a stand and hunted the good old sign I found. He walked right to the base of my tree, winded me, went to take off and once he got a few yards away I stopped him while at full draw and 10 ringed him with a hard quartering away shot.

Rage in the cage put him down in under 10 seconds and 50 yards.


The next buck, I wasn't seeing many deer and decided to dump some bait in a new spot 100 yards off my bait pile that wasn't showing any action.

I dumped the corn, hung a stand and jumped in it the next morning for a surprise. 2 does on the bait, then a spike, then in the thicket around me I could hear footsteps all around. I'm only 8 ft up and wide open from the downwind side. I set up in this tree for maximum shots and having the wind in my favor. Wind swirled around me I heard some deer scatter and I caught a glimpse of a rack moving through. Another one at full draw, he's trying to get out and I belated just be for ehe hit a very small opening at about 15 yards. Stopped just in the right place, I life up on my tip toes to make sure to clear a twig a few feet in front of me and another 10 ring for the rage. I heard him crashing through the thicket and I jumped down asap to retrieve my 2nd 8ptr for the season.


Neither were giants, but both were excellent hunts and put a smile on my face. Wouldn't trade them.


Zone 11 and zone 10




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I wish I lifed up on my toes on 2 occasions. Fortunately they were clean misses to due that twig you were mentioning, must have been hunting the same tree just different zones. :rofl: Congratulations

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