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FourSevens Blow Out Sale

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I have....


Preon 1

Preon 2 (2)

Mini ML-X (3) - Use them in the Fenix head lamp and they are AWESOME.

Quark AA Turbo

Maelstrom X7


I really love all of the lights. Really depends on if you want to run AA batteries (cheaper option and easier to pop new ones in) or you want CR123's. The CR123s make the flashlight lighter, and more compact. You also get more OTF lumens but the downside is they are more expensive and the batteries are more expensive in the stores. I always order in bulk on amazon. Either of the Quark Turbo lights will be great and the Quark Tactical has the same power as the turbos but are a little smaller but you have to figured out what batteries you want.


The Mini's are simply awesome. I use them in a head lamp rig when duck hunting and they great since you ahve all of those settings. Very reliable light.


Quick story - was ducking hunting a river last season and used my headlamp rig to set up decoys. After the decoys were set I took my headlamp off (had the Foursevens mini X on the rig) and put it in my wader pocket. Somehow shortly after that I dropped it in the water. Lucky i was standing in still water on the side of the river so it didnt wash away. I actually wound up stepping on the light and pushed it into the mud and all you could see is the headlamp strap sticking out. Anyway, it was in the water for a good 3+ hours before i notice it was there. Picked it up and worked like the day i got it. When they say its waterproof the really mean it!

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