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I'm no pro photographer but here are some of my Equestrian photos from over the years. My fiancee does it for a living so I get to a horse show or 2 lol


Shooting my Canon 7D and either my 70-200 F/4L, 70-200 F/2.8L or 100-400 F/4.5-5.6 IS L




















Was in a bad spot for a couple of these shots - couldnt see the riders face. Great looking horse shots though









Couple of shots I took at the London 2012 Olympics


Cloudy/rainy day they could use some touching up but these are right from the camera for the most part. Little/no editing







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great pictures not in to english that much wife and I rode and showed western but do not have horses any more

I also had trotters and pacers

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Wow!!! Some really nice shots you got. For not being a pro they came out great. I've had a horse for about 6 years now but my wife rides a lot more than I do. Everytime I get on him I keep thinking he want to tell me to get off my back fatty. :rofl: The fifth picture down thats in black and white is a truly awesome shot...very well done!!!

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Wow Rem you got a real talent there. There was always a Photography Magazine in the waiting area at the hospital when I was getting my radiation. Looked threw them everyday. Your photos look as good as theirs. You got any from Sandy?

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