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I've never been in a traditional club that takes in members and has a dues system per say.  I'm also a member of Camp Yellow Snow in Potter County, PA.  That camp formed from two best friends that grew up together in Wayne, NJ and bought 185 acres up there back in 1970 and invited their hunting buddies to come each year.  As soon as we kids were old enough, we started to hunt up there with our dads, many of whom have passed away by now.  These days we take our own kids up.  The expenses of taxes and electricity are split among those that attend deer camp and are typically less than $80 each.  We do habitat work as needed and build a new outhouse once every 20 or so years.  I prefer these kinds of arrangements over the more traditional hunting clubs that always seem to have a lot of politics that come with membership.  We're just a bunch of friends with a property that is being passed down from father to son or father to daughter.    

It sounds like you guys have something very special in both your "camps".  I am not a member of any club or camp but what you have is definitely the type of thing I would be looking for!  I have similar relationships with friends and family but we have always just hunted public land!

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