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Carlucci Arms still has ammo and firearms at a good price

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Just wanted to let those looking for 22 ammo Carlucci Arms in Randolph has some 22 ammo in stock for anyone looking to pick some up. Also still has a good selection of handguns and some long guns shot select from. Nice thing is the firearms can be purchased via online and then picked up in Randolph. Nics is still running about 2 days behind though.


Check out the website and if you have a pistol permit, check them out to get a good deal in this time of over priced firearms.


Here is the link:



Right now they have in stock CCI select 40 grain 22LR for $20.00 a box of 100 and CCI Velocitor 22LR also 40 grain for 8.00 for a box of 50.



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