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Youth Day Trophy Buck

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I shared this story a few weeks back on the "Forum that shall not be named" after my daughters youth day hunt.  I wanted to share it here for one, because it's a slow work day and second because we are a few days away from youth birds and a few weeks away from youth gun for deer.  Get the kids out there.  


Apologize if wordy but I'm as proud as can be.



When her grandfather (my dad) passed away a few weeks ago, at the wake she had a private moment with him. They were close and he took pride in her successes in the woods and water these past couple years. Didn't find out what was said until this morning.



At around 645 she missed a doe at just under 30 yards which was a shot she can make but we weren't sure how much to compensate with the 30 yard crosshair and the doe dropped at the shot anyway. She was upset and was apologizing as if I was angry. I was excited as hell. She calmed down after I told her that we all miss and that it was nice it was a clean miss and to load up again. 20 minutes and a couple of Zzzzzz later a small doe walked past the blind window at 8 yards and then a small group of deer came in from the right. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees something and tenses up and whispers "buck daddy, a buck".....she was already shouldered up to the crossbow as she has learned to do so when the deer made it's way to about 12 yards in front of the blind, she was ready. She was whispering barely audibly no, not yet..not yet. He past to just past broadside and put his leg forward. Thank goodness for lighted nocks. I saw the hit and looked good but tough to know her angle vs mine as to arrow path on the hit.



Anyway, she started crying as soon as I looked over at her. It wasn't that she was scared or nervous but she that she had prayed to er pop-pop that day a few weeks ago hoping he was proud of her and that she hoped he could help her get her first buck one day. God help me, I had to lose it a bit. She has learned after last year that we need to wait even on good hits. When we got out the arrow wasn't all that frothy and smelled of a gut hit. Didn't tell her that one and we only saw a bit of blood but enough to give us a point of direction. End of day, we stopped looking for blood and started a search. As luck and divine help would have it, we found her buck on the second pass towards the creek I figured he would head towards.



I hope you all get to take a kid hunting and see them enjoy success like this. Life sucks some times but then stuff like this reminds us why we do what we do. Thanks to all the friends and complete strangers that gave us well wishes the last few weeks and to those who have been friends and role models for my kids.



I will take this trophy over a "big" buck any day.


I want to mention that Jorge & Sons did the butchering and the cheese and parsley sausage we got was fantastic.


Also, Rick (NJTRAPPER) made an amazing offer and is doing her mount for the cost of materials. Awesome guy.


Have your kids check out www.whitetailbosses.com on this link and see episode 5 from last year. shootstraight hooked her and I up for her first bow kill ever.   [/size][/background]http://whitetailbosses.com/page/3/

photo (54).jpg

photo 3 (1).jpg

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Wow look at the smile! That's one happy kid! Great story and pics, that's the way it's supposed to be right there! :up: :up: :up:

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Always great to see kids smiling and she is a great little huntress. Wishing her and your family the very best and keep letting them fly :up:



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Her smile makes that the BEST trophy you or she will ever get.  I am very happy to see her as enthusiastic and always asking questions to help better herself in the woods.  Great job Dad in teaching her the ethics of woodsmanship and hunting.


Congratulations to you both :up:

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