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8 pt. down in zone 49!!!

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Good morning guys!! Well I connected this weekend on a nice 8 pt!! I know that this deer would have been passed by a large majority but this was by far the biggest buck that's ever walked within shooting distance, and it's my second buck ever!! So needless to say... I'm PUMPED!!!

He came in at about 4:30, following a doe that wanted nothing to do with him. Once they stopped he turned a perfect broadside with a tad quartering away, and an exact 20 yards away (I have a log marking the distance, works great!). I sent a swacker through his boiler room, and he only ran about 40 yards. Blood trail was amazing and and made for a quick and easy recovery!! After gutting I found out that I split the heart wide open, nearly in two!! 

Yeah, he may be small, but he's just as much a trophy to me. And he's all mine!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited!!!) A friend of mine is going to do him into a euro mount and I can't wait to display him proudly! And he broke the arrow off on a tree just as he took off so I have that to hang on his horns too. 

Happy hunting to Everyone!!






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