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Got it done team 3 pic heavy

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Been on vacation this week and haven't really seen much. Alot of our bucks disappeared not getting much on cam. Saw a couple scrapes here and there but that's about. I started to wonder if I picked the wrong week. Well I just couldn't get up today so I decided to go sit in a stand we haven't hunted yet this year and got in at 11am. Sat from 11- 415 with only a chipmunk. I happen to look behind me and see a deer enter the woods from the field. I'm looking through my binos to see he was only a 4 point. A glance back and this buck was at 30 yards head down coming right at me. I swung around grabbed bow and stopped him at 15 yards and double lunged him. Heard a loud crash in the thick stuff and began texting away. He is my biggest yet.


The set up



Point of impact









Couple more




Crazy half ear



Trail cams




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Nice deer!   :up:


You got some great "before" pictures of him.  :up:

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Wow. I seen them ripped but never tore right off. Crazy. Must of happened before this year. It's like that in velvet.

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