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Excellent videos.


I don't think Mr. Fidducia said anything I would disagree with and I wholeheartedly agree 210% with just about everything he said. I also learned some interesting stuff which I must say, is more and more rare today. Most people just talk about gadgets and gear. These videos also helped fill in some gaps on things I had seen, but never put completely together. Really excellent videos thanks for posting them!


I think he only slipped up on one thing, he said the pre-orbital gland triggers the rut, I think he meant the pineal gland. The eye lets light through to the pineal gland and the decreased amount of daylight triggers estrous cycles in does. The pre-orbital gland right in front of the eye, as far as I know, only secretes some scent used in marking overhanging branches. It's often called the "tear-duct". 


Like I said though, just a slip. Everything else was NO BS....and great information.

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I didnt know half of what he said, today I did take some of what he said and applied it, it worked!!

ATHENS TRX2 er.jpg

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