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Starter Hunting Bow Recommendations

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My daughter has been shooting a Genesis for a couple of years now, and I think it only tops off at 20#.  She's taking her hunter safety in 10 days, and I was wondering if she could use that bow for the archery test, and I'm also interested in recommendations for starter hunting bows at 35#.  She'll be 14 in November and will get a Mossberg 500 for her birthday if she passes hunter safety.  Then we're taking it out on youth day to hopefully fill the freezer!

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She cannot use the 20# bow for her test.


Crossbows are great for young girls that struggle shooting a heavier bow.  Best of luck to you both.   :up:

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Diamond makes a nice bow that goes from 5# to 70# and draw length of 13" to 30".


$500 fully set up with goodies (rest, stabilizer, arrows, peep, release, etc)  http://www.huntersfriend.com/2014_Diamond_Infinite_Edge_Package/compound_bow_that_fits_everyone.htm

$525 for pink camo riser http://www.huntersfriend.com/2014_Diamond_Infinite_Edge_Package/pink-compound-bow-universal-fit.htm

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Like Rusty said, crossbows are great for kids if they may struggle with 35#. 


The bow will be checked by an instructor and it has to be at least very close to the 35# mark. (some variance for scale inaccuracies is allowed). Most instructors are going to know that the Genesis can't achieve 35# though.



Also, like Mack stated, Diamond makes the Infinite Edge (previously just "edge")....Great bow.


Actually a number of companies make bows very similar now.


I can't think of all the names from all the different companies, but these come to mind *I'm pretty sure there are more:

PSE Rally, Chaos and the new Fever

Hoyt Ruckus.

G5 Quest Radical....



Any of those highly adjustable bows can be a great choice because the bow can grow with her all the way through adulthood. The only reason to buy a new bow will because she'll "want" one, never because she "needs" one.

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