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I must be imagining things...

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Setup in a new spot tonight with my brother. We looked at a map of some public land, figured out the prevailing wind and when we got there I gave him first choice. He said..."I'll go this way".....I said OK, then I'm going over that way...Very technical decision making system we use.....LOL


As I'm hooking on my last lone wolf stick I hear my phone buzzing with texts. After I settle in I read them. Andy has already had 3  does come as close as 15 yards, but he couldn't get drawn back (he elected to sit on the ground with no blind or seat tonight) we were rushed....I offered my LW hangon to him, but he said he'd rather just sit on the ground.


They ended up getting the sense that something wasn't right and supposedly nervously headed my way. I never saw them though. They probably saw me climbing the tree.


Just before 7pm I am watching where I kind of expect the deer to come from and I catch movement. Deer.... Two medium sized does are moving my way. My heart starts to pickup the beat a little bit...good....It's supposed to do that. lol.....The slightly larger one is coming right at me, but soon the trailing doe catches up and passes the other one that was meandering along feeding at me. The second doe becomes the lead and she decides to turn away from me towards a thicket. The other doe decides to follow. My opportunities are dwindiling quickly. I draw back just as she hits a nice open shooting lane. I stop her with a "whaaa"....Everything is perfect....Perfect broadside, easy shot, settle the 30 yard pin, let go and watch my arrow sail JUST under her vitals. Probably more like 35 yards.


Yup I missed. lol



Tonight was Andy's first time out since last season *which he barely got to hunt at all after our Idaho trip. Andy also saw 4 more does though tonight and ended up coming to full draw on a big doe, but didn't feel good about the shot, so he passed. 


All in all it was fun. 

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It's great to hear that you got to spend some quality time in the deer woods with your brother with how busy you have been with work lately.   :up:

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Quality time is great.. Points on the board is even better..  You'll gett'er next time.. :up:

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Went to a different spot tonight by myself after work. Used my lonewolf sticks and treesaddle again in an area near where I hunted last year, but adjusted for the wind and some observations I remembered from the previous season.


I was setup by about 5:35. Around 6pm I spot a big doe coming from my 12 oclock. She crosses the creek on the trail I hoped she would, if she continues about 10 more yards, she's broadside at 15 yards. Instead she veers directly under me and to my right. Being right-handed I can't shoot that way. She walks about 6' away from the ash tree I'm hanging out of, and ends up directly behind my back. UGH....


I keep trying to peek and see if I can flip over in the saddle and shoot, but I can't see her now without risking getting busted. By the time I decide to just turn anyway, she's no where to be seen. She made it into a much thicker area behind me and is gone.


As I'm thinking "that stinks"....I spot another doe coming from the same spot as the last one. Expecting her to do the same thing, I start turning around the tree to shoot before she gets to my hard right.


I don't have to. She trots up and ends up standing behind some brush at about 3 yards on my shooting side. I just have to wait until she takes two steps and I have a small hole through the branches. I'm already holding at full draw and have the pin settled right where it will need to be. One step, two steps....Let the arrow fly, watch her run about 20 yards and then can't see her as she disappears behind dense brush, but I noticed she was looking wobbly right there and the shot felt great.


To be safe, I wait 20 minutes, then I climb down and pack up my gear. Check the arrow and start finding blood. After I take a few steps I see the white belly, she didn't make it past the inside edge of the thicker woods. So she went about 25-30 yards. 


Fresh venison!  :cook2:

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