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UBNJ Feedback Survey

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Please see note below for the UBNJ feedback survey. Here is your chance to share your feedback. I know I have to be careful what I wish for :)

I please ask that we do not have this thread go off the rails and miss the main point. Please share your feedback at the URL below or else it will not be tallied in the results.

Thank you in advance. - Mark




UBNJ strives to be the best bowhunting organization in the country. We are constantly trying to improve our existing infrastructure and add additional benefits for our memberships so they keep supporting the organization and promote bowhunting. Below and on our website is the link to our first online survey. This process is to help us better understand what UBNJ needs to do to keep you a valued member and to improve. Please take 5 minutes of your time and fill it out. Share it with other people who are not members of UBNJ. The only way we can improve is by listening to our membership and adapting for more value.

The survey will be OPEN until July 17th. Thanks for your support.

Shoot straight and hunt safe,

Pete Graziano
UBNJ Executive Vice President and Northern Region VP UBNJ Safety and Education Chairman


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Pete, thanks for the NASP contact.  Our teachers had their training last week and loved it.  They can't wait to shoot with the students this fall.    :up:

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