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Just signed-up today and the site looks great.


I, as well as many others here, are members of another site that has a "Hunt Report" forum.

Basically, hunting trips are described detailing things like place/outfitter/species/equipment/etc., usually with a story and pics.

Also, while I am requesting consideration of an additional forum, I also know how quickly it can get out-of-hand very quickly with requests for everything from "mushroom picking" to "Nightcrawler supply" forums. Maybe put in a post requirement or something to that affect, in order to minimize the amount of unused forums.

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Flat, that's a good idea on the forum! We could use a Report section overall, for both Hunting and Fishing!

As far as limiting posts, we have controls to customize that as needed. For now the forums will be open, but if anything gets out of hand, we'll tune it as needed!

Thanks for the suggestion, these will be added shortly!

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