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BuckBoard Bacon

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Who likes Bacon? You do!


I used a recipe I got on another site and mixed up one gallon of brine. Water, Cure 1, Salt, Brown sugar & regular sugar. I added some CBP, garlic and onion powder to the brine as well. I did my best keeping the slabs @1.5" thick or less with a deboned pork butt.

I placed them in labeled ziplock bags and poured the brine in. I plan to turn them over once a day for the next ten days.

After that, I will rinse well, air dry and cold smoke for 10 hours in my Bradley. Keeping temp @100 degrees.

Here they are all finished after 10 hours of smoke. The smell is amazing!


Bacon egg and cheese sammiches!






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What is CBP?


Cracked Black Pepper.

Thanks everyone. Pretty simple to make, it's just the waiting that stinks. Ha! :)

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