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Get a PM when you're quoted in a thread!

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Alright, another add-on to help keep you on the bleeding edge of real-time post updates! If someone quotes your post in a thread, you now have the option to get a Private Message notifying you!

This add-on might be a little quirky, I think it only works when someone hits Reply to your post specificall, not if they Quick Reply and manually quote you.

Give it a try if, but the PMs might get overwhelming if you're quoted often. Likewise, if you're actively checking threads you posted in, it might not be that useful. But hey, it's another option for the users that might find it useful! :)


To enable/disable this option, go to your User CP >> Edit Options >> Other Options (on the far right bottom) and you'll see a checkbox for "Receive PM when your posts are quoted?"


Quick link: Edit Options

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