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The hunt for Flyer and a buck called 2track

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Back in the spring of 2010 I picked up a set of old chewed antlers laying just feet apart from each other. They didn't mean an awful lot to me at the time but 4 hours later, while walking the opposite side of the ticket back to the truck, I picked up a freshie to the same buck. The set of old antlers and the single left side were less than 80 yards apart and clearly from the same buck. I searched for another 30 minutes but was out of energy from driving through the night to get out to Illinois and hitting the woods as soon as I arrived.












My plans for the spring of 2010 in IL didn't allow me to return to that nasty pine thicket but I made plans to hunt there come Nov 2010. On the 3rd day of a 3 day hunt at 1:30 in the afternoon, I had an encounter with the buck that had been in my thoughts for 9 months. I could see him clearly in the thicket but he wasn't coming any closer. Slowly I reached in my pocket and tipped my 'can call' over a couple times. With this, a big 8pt came from the same area and walked right past Flyer. I could tell this was the 8pt I had found a shed off a couple hundred yards away on the same day I picked up Flyers antlers. The 8pt committed to the set up and came in. As he approached 30 yards, I looked back and Flyer was walking back into the thicket. Deciding 'now' was not the time to be greedy, I focused on the 8pt and sent an arrow through him at 7 steps.




The spring of 2011 I spent 2 days in that pine thicket and a couple other key spots and came up empty.. no sheds from flyer and no unnamed sheds. I was bummed. I spent the rest of my 2011 spring trip checking out other areas and put together a nice shed pile.


Fall of 2011 we welcomed our Son into this world and hunting plans were put on hold for the first time in 16 years.



December of 2011 I received an email from a local saying that they had seen Flyer and he had 'blown up'. He was in the same general area and appeared to have put on several points but his tines remained short and massive. I was eager to get back out there.


Spring of 2012 I spent 2.5 days days with my brother searching that pine thicket and again came up empty. We didn't cut any other boot tracks and was really starting to get discouraged when up jumps several bucks still packing. Visibility in that pine thicket is less than 50 yards at best, but I could tell one of them had a wacky rack and a lot going on.


really thick -



Nov 2012 I was back out in IL but with limited access to certain areas due to wind and access options. I wasn't able to go in after Flyer and it broke my heart. Luckily I did have the wind and access to hunt for a buck I call 2track and he consumed most of my 2012 week bow hunting in IL this past fall. I didn't catch up with 2track, but learned he had been seen around and still have a camera out there in his core area.




Going in after 2track -



I am optimistically hopeful that both Flyer and 2track are still around. Also being optimistic that my camera is still there, in working order and maybe, just maybe... has a few pictures on it : )


I was recently told some hunters saw a freaky looking buck during hunting season in the area Flyer was known to hang out, but no word sense Nov on 2track. The 3rd week of March can't get here soon enough!! I am bringing a few extra eyes with me this time : )

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Another picture of 2track. Only 6 more weeks till I am out there again and get to hopefully check my camera that's been out there sinse November.



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i remember reading your story about that buck you killed out there. Great story and pics.:thumb_up:

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Great report! Those are some nice sheds and one great buck! I remember that buck from the other place.

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