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outdrdave's 2013 shed thread

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Didnt find anything yesterday in the snow but snow has always kicked my butt. I was on a mission to find bedding areas and fine tune my thoughts on travel areas. Here are some pictures:


25 - 30 beds in a pretty open wood lot





pretty weird.. cat kennels in the back of this crp field away from things.. 25 min walk in to this spot and it was shoveled out not 48 hours after the snow



I found the first shed of the season 2 feet to the right of this community bed. There must have been 7 deer bedded in it when I entered the woodlot.



Interesting story.. I was going to check on that dead shed buck and as I am getting closer I notice a dog barking at me and a guy leaning over into a rotten tree stump. My first thought was this guy might have had to much exercise in the snow and was getting sick. As I rounded the tree I asked if he was OK. He said he was but was trying to get his dog out of the tree? As I got closer I noticed the leash and as I looked over his shoulder I could see the tail end of a dog, its rear legs and tail.. that's it!! The dog had chases a squirrel into the dead tree and appeared to be stuck. The guy was hesitant to pull the dog out but I said you have a few options and one includes leaving your dog like that and hoping there was enough oxygen in that hole and hopeful the squirrel isn't inside the hole chewing his dogs face off. That's all the motivation the guy needed to grab his dog by the tail, rear legs and pull it right on out. The dog was OK and they continued on. - cant make this stuff up, true story.

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Made it out this past Saturday. New spot produced two sheds from last year.


This one had been sitting next to a trail. Left a mark on the ground when I picked it up so I am sure a coyote or other animal didn't move it here recently.



The match was in some ivy under some pines.



The match together again.



Another dead shed buck. The other antler was pretty secure so its still laying there.



Weird fire pit I came across.



Not too far away was this little shelter. Not sure if its kids play or something else.



I really liked the area this trail back trailed into but will need my knee high boots to get back in there next time.



This is where the trail comes from but it gets really swampy real quick on the other side of that blow down.



Heading down to MD this weekend and hopping to get some shedding in.


Up to 7 for the season but that's half of what I had this time last year.

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i am heading out this weekend to do some shed hunting. so far this year only 2 sheds. my buddy saw bucks still holding both this past week, so seems like they are dropping late

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I see deer holding into April every year. Snow on the weekends and limited time doesn't help with the lack of sheds I have found so far.. there are pleanty out there. Bucks have been dropping since the 2nd week of December.


Good luck this weekend Ian.

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Feb 23, 2013

Was down in MD for the weekend. Headed out early in the morning because we had plans to meet up with family in the afternoon. Went to a farm I used to pick up 25-30 sheds a season at but no one answered the door. Decided to head to a local farm and put some miles on but came up empty. Sure did move around a lot of deer and came across some really nice sign, didn't notice any bucks holding.


creek crossing



Cut Soybean



Grassy knoll by a small vineyard



Under-matured pine plantation



Feb 24, 2013

Had some things to do in the morning before heading back to NJ but wanted to try knocking on the landowners door again at the farm. He remembered me after several years, told me the invite is still open, told me no one else shed hunts his land and pointed told me they they pulled an antler out of a tire a few weeks back running a trail in between fields clearing out the downed trees and branches.


I was told to come back soon as there have been dozens of bucks seen in the lower rye fields and its been to wet to ride down with the truck to check for antlers. They do not collect antlers, they just don't want them in the tires. Can't wait to get back down there soon.

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March 2, 2013

Stayed close to home this weekend. Meet up with a good friend Saturday morning and walked a few spots but came up empty. Good walk with my buddy and happy to see him getting around well.


balled up hide from another carcass



dead shed buck



big hooves on this one but it was missing shoulders, neck and head



dead doe



weird growth on a tree.. it was the size of a beach ball



In the afternoon I headed to a spot I always see deer while driving for work. Its a small piece but thought it might produce and produce it did!! I picked up four sheds in two hours. What I thought was a small property actually opened up into a rather large piece of land.


bunch of purses??



rubbed up bamboo



this grassy spot looked awesome



an oldie but a shed



coyote den



beautiful brown shed



bunch of rubs where multiple habitats come together



I took this picture of shed # 10 and as I knelt down to take a picture of it from another angle, I knelt on the match laying just a few feet away..



the set as they lay.. I didnt see the one on the left until I knelt on it.



hero shot


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March 3, 2013

Did some things around the house Sunday morning and took my neighbor out for a walk with me in the afternoon. We couldn't be all day so we headed for another spot I have been thinking about. I don't know what I was expecting but this place was thick!! What looked like awesome cedar groves from afar and on Google Earth were actually jungles of blow downs from Sandy. This place was nasty but at the same time I knew if we found a shed it would likely be a nice one. The place just had that special feel to it. We walked through some of the nastiest stuff I have walked in a long time and made the decision to start looping back. My neighbor is not a hunter and although he was being a good sport, I knew it he wouldn't be able to take much more of the briars, swamp and climbing over trees. As we looped back we came across a oak ridge and I remember telling my neighbor, "you see how much better this looks? Leaf litter, Oaks, higher ground and laurel". We didn't spend a lot of time there but this ridge runs East and West and I know there are some sheds hiding on that ridge. As I was coming off the North side of the ridge working back to the truck I saw a nice antler laying up ahead.. man was I stoked!! Its a nice piece but really a light antler. I fully expected this antler to have some weight to it but its light as a feather.


Another beautiful brown


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Nice post Dave you always put up classy stuff we have been out a bit this year not as much as in the past so far have 8 if you count the matched pair one of our dogs came up with on Sunday.

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Great finds..getting harder every year with the amount of bucks that are around.. Its amazing how easy it is to walk past a antler,especialy when you see that first shed and get tunnel vision and overlook the other if it's there

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Ian, sorry...I should have noted it here too. It's not deleted. I put your shed collection from yesterday in the 2013 Shed thread :up:

Dave wanted to keep this for his sheds, not a mix...so I created the other community thread for sheds.

If you'd like to start your own (if you want to keep yours separate) you're welcome to do that as well...I can help with that, just let me know.

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With the snow on Thursday and Friday, we decided to head to MD for the weekend.



It didn't take long and I started to come across dead heads and carcass's




this one had been laying there awhile



This farm was so different than I remember it. BGE had put a new pipeline through the property.



This used to be a beautiful oak ridge and now has a fifty foot wide gas line cut



This used to be a big bedding area where I would find 10-15 sheds each year



more dead heads





I don't know if it will show in the picture, but this is a really big rub!!



Six miles and came across my first shed of the trip. Its an oldie but has good mass



This used to be a hardwoods corner with a nice thicket over that little ridge.. good for a few sheds a year.



Found this five point freshie with some dried blood on the base just up the creek





That new gravel road sure did make a pretty creek crossing



A few minutes later I came across this old rub and old shed laying next to it



Up to 15 sheds now for the year and am heading to Illinois next week for a week of camping, shedding and scouting.

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