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Starting to hit the feeder

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Only took a week for the deer to get use to the new feeder. Next month I will start mixing protein pellets in with the corn and then go to all protein pellets for the spring and summer. Picture were taken with my new Moultrie 990-I.

hager farm 444.jpg

hager farm 457.jpg

hager farm 667.jpg

hager farm 700.jpg

hager farm 909.jpg

hager farm 1276.jpg

hager farm 1300.jpg

hager farm 1431.jpg

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Nice pics I wish i could use one of these, but in bear country it won't last long.  I have an all steel feeder that holds 250 pounds of feed.  This past season the bears knocked it over and were jumping on the sides of it trying to get in.  A little damage was done but it is back up and running

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