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View from the stand. My last sit of Winter Bow

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good day to be out. the deer around me have been moving all day. I'm on the fence right now.. Have to decide real quick... :smoking:

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Thanks Matty..


Well that's it.. Had five does come in the last 45 minutes of light. Could of shot two of them. One at 23 yards and the other at 17... The season is over for me... :-( ... However I had a great year in the woods.. I took two deer and saw many more. Some nice bucks and some Really nice bucks..lol, that just did not want to walk within shooting range or come out in shooting light..


I've enjoyed being on this forum and chatting and posting with you guys.. Thanks Matt for creating this forum, it is a cool place.. :up:


Now I'm looking forward to a new bow, a few more trail cams ( robnj and BHC's fault..lol,  thanks for posting all those pics guys, definitely addictive )...and a new "new sit all day" treestand.


And finally let me share what inspired todays sit . I had this awesome buck on cam yesterday and Tuesday.. I was hoping to put my Winter Bow tag on him, but I guess I'll have to wait till this coming Fall.. it's all good, just creates more drive for me now to find his sheds and bedding area in a few weeks.. I'll continue to bait the area till they drop and keep a cam out too, then get out there and recon that whole area till I know it like the back of my hand...


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This is from my stand...looks like I'll have one more chance next week with the Muzzleloader to help the team and secure the space in the freezer.

Today was looking good with action...Nothing within range. Brrr.Brrrr.


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