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Bob & AJ's Archery World - Success 2018

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A big congratulations to pro staffer Tim Steigerwalt on his Montana bull. Awesome job buddy!
Tim Steigerwalt is shooting the Mathews Halon 32 with much success.
Come into the shop to find a great deal on your next bow.





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Big time Congratulations to AJ for getting it done once again. He took this old, wide, Bucks County Monarch with his Mathews Triax. Thanks for once again setting the bar high for the rest of us to chase all season!!








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Congratulations to Gary Transue for getting it done tonight in Bucks Co.
Great job buddy.
Gary is shooting his Mathews Helium and Carbon Express Mayham arrows tipped with G5 Montec heads.
We love seeing the success of our customers.




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A huge congratulations tonight goes out to Aj on his first traditional Harvest.Aj has been working on his recurve shooting for the past year and even competed in the 2018 Lancaster classic in the Barebow class.
Awesome job buddy!we are very proud of you for getting it done with stick and string.What a great accomplishment! 
Aj is shooting a Tradtech Lobo ILF riser matched with the Tradtech RC Xtreme Limbs.GT traditional arrows tipped with a Single bevel 200 Grain cutthroat Brodhead.






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Congratulations to Tony Cutter on this Beautiful Iowa giant!
Tony is Shooting his bow tech realm, carbon express maxima red sd’s tipped with the Muzzy Trocar hd-ti.
Tony if a friend of the shop and worked real hard on his setup last year to be ready for this season.
Great job buddy.




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