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Perfect gift for my Golden Anniversary, (with my first love, bowhunting)

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For my 50th season I decided to take my original bow that I bought the first time in 1968. Yeah, long story, will keep it short here, but through a series of miraculous coincidences I was able to buy back the old girl in 2006 after I sold her in 1971. Never killed anything with it when I was a kid. Took her out in '06 on October 13th, Friday, and killed this public land buck and retired the bow.

Fast forward to 2018. Started getting some bad results on my blood tests in March. Knowing that I was going to be laid-up for awhile I realized that to be more productive something in my life had to give. So I gave up social media, hence my absence from NJWW. Went to Memorial Sloane Kettering in NYC on the 5th of October for a radical laparoscopic prostatectomy, over 6 hours on the operating table, and was given orders by the surgeon to stay on light duty, not to lift anything over 5 pounds and do virtually nothing but walk for 8 weeks.

I picked out a tree during the summer, cut in some trails for the deer around it and installed the stand in September. Picked up some tapered cedar shafts for my old Bear Grizzly, capped em, crested em, and fletched em with some wild turkey feathers and glued on some Bear Razorheads that I had from the early '70s.

Yesterday was looking like the perfect day for my first day out, (don't tell my Dr), so I went for it. About 8am I saw a nice buck crossing in front of me about 40 yards out, I mouth grunted to him and turned him right up one of the trails I had cut in, I let him go by and took the quartering away shot at 15 yards. He went about 70. Perfect 10. Me and this old bow have some serious mojo going on. What a gift

All Camera Oct. '06 070.jpg





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Way to go Tad.  Been worried about you since you vanished. Sorry you  had to go through that but glad you are on the mend!  Beautiful buck- a healing buck.  Congratulations! 

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Well done! You sir, are a trooper. Keep moving forward like you are and know we have all missed your posts on W&W. Your recovery is paramount and best wishes sent your way from myself and members of the site! 

Beautiful buck and pics :up:

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Great story, congrats on an awesome buck and wishing you well with your recovery.

I'm going in on 12/19 for a CRT-D implant for my heart, my hunting season will be over as well. Haven't gotten it done yet, but I still have over a month.

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Congrats on a nice buck, great story , can't stop an old time that easy .keep on hunting and good luck with recovery .

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That's the way to do it!   Congrats!  And best of luck with you recovery.

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