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Horton/Ten Point Storm F/S

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I am selling this bow because I recently purchased a Ten Point Carbon Nitro RDX. It's exactly the same bow except the Carbon Nitro has a carbon stock and barrel (and $600 more). The Storm was deemed the "bow of the year" by many outdoor publications is 2015 when it was first introduced by Ten Point under the "Horton" brand. It has been trouble free. There are no scratches, dents, etc. It is backed by Ten Point's guarantee since I will process paperwork should it become necessary to do warranty work in the future if needed. I am including everything in the "basic" package plus these extras:
1. Horton Sling
2. Three extra arrows
3. A three pack of Dead Ringer Super Freak (2.25") two blade broadheads
4. Three lighted nocks

5. Limbsaver Vibration Dampeners on the limbs, riser, and foot stirrup.

That is a $150 upgrade to the "basic" package.
The bow new retails for $1050 and Ten Point does not allow retailers to discount until the bow is discontinued, which it is not.

I am asking $675.
Pick up in Old Bridge. It can be shot and tested out to 20 yds in my yard.





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3 hours ago, Tarhunt said:

Do I get a preferred customer discount?

Let's talk! PM me if interested.

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