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Good night to be in the woods..

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I sat tonight with no thoughts of shooting a deer unless it was a real good buck . The deer movment started early with a BB a 1/2 hour later a good sized doe came in with her yearling ...a short time later a spike came thru and busted the group up....


An hour went by and crunching leaves let me know another deer was coming my way..out stepped the biggest doe I've ever seen...easily 130#


I was trying to decide if I should shoot her....(It's my dream to shoot a doe that makes it into the deer classic)


When I hear grunting behind me...glancing back I see rack out of the corner of my eye.

At first glance I thought I would shoot him.The more I sized him up...the less I wanted to shoot him.

He was a 110/115" 8 point real pretty buck..but I figured the doe was more of what I wanted.


By the time I got focused back on her she was a little too far....Ohh well... If I wasn't headed to California for Blacktail at 6 AM tomorrow I may have not thought so hard about putting a hole in either one. I just didn't wanna deal with it with packing still to do...

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