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Christened my Elite with an 8pt.

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Got out for the fourth time this year due to shoulder problems, it was a good am hunt with my Elite Pure.

  Woke up got dressed and and out the door 5:00AM to see a flat left tire, was gonna pack it in but said heck I'm already up and fired up the NOISY compressor.

Was in my stand by 5:20 spooking deer back by my stand location at the corner of a horse farm where 4 farms come together. Was getting ready to leave at 7:30 to get my tire fixed when I figured I'd give my can call a few turns, bleat, bleat, bleat and was grabing my haul line when this guy  came in. He was looking around and I had to do some fancy manuevering to get get myself turned and grab my bow. With no peep sight ( have yet to put 100 shots on the new string ) I drew and had to decide if I wanted to shoot and then decided he would do for this year and thought he would stop but no. I shot while he was quartering away, walking toward the next property and I let fly, I'm glad he ran about 60yrds and went down on my farm. I have permission to go and retrieve deer next door but have never had to in the 13 yrs I've hunted this spot. Busy morning at Killers Kitchen, someone brought an eight right before me and as I was leaving another eight showed up.

Trying to post pics but new photobucket has me stumped... again!

G5 Strykers put a hurtin on this guy, when dressing him the heart had a deep slice in it.

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