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Maine Moose Down(pic heavy)

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Started my hunt Monday morning had my guide call a bull to 20 yrs but I had the crossbow and couldn't get a shot. We have been in moose every day this week but the bulls have been locked up with cows and non responsive. Today with the heavy rain predicted we decide to drive and glass clear cuts. The third we went to had 2 bulls and a cow. The guide said get out and use the truck for a rest and get on him. The shot was 250+yrds and I anchored him in the spot. Then the hard work began. Bull has a 47" spread and check in didn't have a scale but my guide says between 850 and 900lbs dressed. He is probably around 10yrs old and a slammer bull for this area. Here are some picsimage2.jpegimage1-2.jpegimage2-1.jpeg20181011_092056.jpeg20181011_112357.jpegimage1-3.jpegimage1.jpegimage1-3.jpeg20181011_092053.jpeg


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When the day comes and I finally shoot a bull I know I will probably be all by myself. :cryingcry: Congrats again.

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