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Tonights Hunt

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Tonight is why I'm glad the good lord made sure I was a hunter! Tonights hunt started with me getting off work at 2:45 and driving the 10 minutes to my spot near work. I get changed and walk the 15 minute walk to my stand. I climb up set up my ozonics and settle in for a good sit. At around 5:00pm  i see movement out in front of me and as it gets closer I see its a nice 110"  8pt he cruises through at about 25 yrds. The about 1/2 hour later here comes another deer I get ready because it looks like a doe to find out it's a spike. the spike is feeding around me and all of a sudden looks out in front of me here comes another deer. this one turns out to be a nice mature 6pt with around and 18" spread and big neck definally an older buck. they feed for a while and then both of them look back in behind me. I can here leaves rustle and think it's deer, wrong it is 5 toms that come in 2 being nice longbeards. Then the turkey and two bucks leave, as the 6 pt leaves he opens up a scrape 50 yrd out in front of me. Nothing happens till 6:15 the I see two deer coming in I put up the bino's and see it's a pair of does so I get ready. The does get to within 15yrd of me and one turns broadside I draw my bow and settle in behind the shoulder. I squeeze off the shot and hear the arrow find it's mark and the doe runs off out in front of me. I hear the sound of her crashing and know that she is down. Pack up my stuff go find my arrow and find an instant 6" wide blood trail. follow the blood for 40yrds and there she lays. I have been useing an ozonics machine this year and I'm telling you they work. all the deer tonight were down wind of me and never knew I was there and I know I stunk as I was hunting after work.I will put up a couple pics as they are on my phone.

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Congrats on your deer.... :up:



I've been eyeing one of those ozonics machines. Hearing nothing but good things about them...

I'm more than impressed with the unit well worth the money so far have only been scented once


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