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Sunday 7 down

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I set up on the edge of field where we had some good buck activity on camera. Buck movement has slowed a bit recently so I really didn't know what to expect. I saw a small spike at 4 pm then at 630 this guy stepped out. He was 20 yards broad side. I was sitting when he appeared. I cautiously lifted my bow off the holder. He turned his head to look out in the field and I stood and drew. Rested my pin behind the shoulder and released. As I hit the trigger he stepped forward. I instantly wanted to take back the shot cause I knew it wasn't going to be good. It hit him about 9 inches back. I instantly got depressed. We looked briefly last night and decided to come back this morning cause of the lack of a blood trail. I met my buddy Johnny at 7am and we walked in. No blood. I was worried. We then decided split up to search. At 9am I walked up to a creek 250 yd away from the shot. 10 yards into my creek search I saw his white belly. I called to john and he was 60 yd from me following the same creek towards me. I am so happy. I thought this was gonna end bad but with my cousin Steve and johns reassurance we found him. Don't laugh at my silly smiley pic I was exhausted. Hahahahahahaha




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Glad you got him bro. I know you were bummed last night. We did the right thing and backed out. Glad you and John found him today. Congrats again kid.

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Congrats! Great buck! And you made the tough, but only right decision by backing out.


Gut shot deer aren't actually too difficult to find if they aren't pushed, since they usually lay down pretty quickly. The lack of good, easily track-able blood is what can make it difficult, especially if bumped. You couldn't have been too far behind or maybe below the liver with that shot, any chance you clipped it?


In any case...


You guys did everything right and recovered the animal! Awesome job all the way around! :up: :up: :up:

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