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Traditions black powder/ Mossberg 195/ starter pistol

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If anyone is interested I’m looking to find good homes for the following guns. My wife’s grandfather passed and I’m helping her grandmother get what she can for them. Message me if you want better pictures. Prices are negotiable. 

Traditions Kentucky Black powder rifle $200

Mossberg 195 bolt action 12 gauge. Gun is in excellent condition $125 (Note this is not a slug gun)

HR model 970 starter pistol $25


Located in Bergen County 













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After putting a patch down the Kentucky I’m dropping it to $100 to sell it as a wall hanger. Let me know if you’re interested. Still got the Mossberg as well.

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I thought i was the only person with one of those mossbergs! Its heavy as hell! Muzzy would look cool in someones cabin

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Yeah The Mossberg is a pretty heavy gun but it has a smooth bolt and an adjustable choke. It puts up nice but I just won’t put it to the use it deserves. I am selling the guns for my wife’s great aunt since her great uncle passed. I can’t justify keeping them if I won’t use them. 

If anyone a little further is interested. I am going to do some traveling around the state to fish with some friends and can meet up 

I’m located in Bergen County and work in Montclair 

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