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What I've learned in my first week of being a dad that might help you..

Throw all your muslin swaddles away they suck. Get yourself the ones from Walmart with velcro. Baby cant kick out of them and they dont constantly slip up over their face.

What I noticed was the endless viscous cycle every 3 hrs of :
Wake up
Fall asleep while feeding
Poop 10 min after feeding
Change diaper which wakes baby up
Cant get baby back to sleep for 1 hr
By time you put them down 2.5 hr has passed and it's time to feed again in 30 min.

So.. i started doing this:

Wake up
Feed 75% of bottle
Wait til poop arrives
Change diaper
Feed remaining 25%
They fall asleep and you can put down quickly all within 30-60 mins.
You get 2 hrs of sleep instead of a few mins.

Which brings me to this..
Have your wife consider pumping. When on the Bob you have no clue how many mL of food they are getting. When pumping you can monitor it and have somewhat of s schedule to go by.

Were pumping because we have to. Baby is "tounge tied" and hurts my wife when feeding. Were actually going today to have her tounge tie cut which is a very small snip of a piece of skin under the tounge done in a dr office.


anyway- hope this helps
Took me a week to figure out that game plan.

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Thanks jay..  We are bottle feeding due to complication.   So far in hospital see is in a 3.5 hour schedule.   She has been really good so far but I know that will change at home..  best of luck to you...

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