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2000 Aquasport 23ft

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Putting the boat up for sale or trade. 

2000 Aquasport 215 Osprey ( Tournament Master Series). Motor is 2003 Johnson 200hp - 2 stroke. Boat runs upper 30s with just me about 30 with full load of people. Boat runs perfect and handles the ocean excellently. Furthest I’ve had it out is Cape May Reef.

Full cushion package( all in great shape except bolsters). 

2 year old stereo and speakers

One year old Humminbird helix 7 depthfinder/gps combo

comes with galvanized trailer. One axle and all bearings replaced two years ago

Boat was just detailed, bottom will be painted this weekend and should be in the water for Memorial Day at Pier 47 marina in Wildwood. Currently sitting in my parents driveway in Cape May Courthouse.

Asking $12,500 on here. Will be listed on Craigslist this weekend for more. Also interested in trades for 18-21ft skiff, shallow running center console or bay boat.

closest listing I could find on Craigslist- Same boat 2 years older and asking $2,500 more














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Aquasport makes nice boats. I had an Osprey 20 center

good luck with the sale

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It’s a great boat.

 I’m the same as most of the guys on here. The time I get to spend on the boat is limited. If I get a day or weekend to get out and the ocean is nasty I become much more limited as to where I can go.  If I get into a shallower running boat it opens up lots of possibilities in South Jersey where I dock. 

I miss having two boats! If I don’t get any hits on the boat I may end up as a two boat man sometime in the near future. Just don’t tell my wife.

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That's a beauty. Wish I could. GLWS


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1 hour ago, hammer4reel said:

Wallew, how many hours on the engine ??

I don’t know because there is no hour meter.

Motor is definitely well cared for and runs like a bear. I would have no issues if someone wanted a mechanic look it over or run a compression test.  That Johnson is the last of the Mohicans. 2003 was the last year they were made then they just became rebranded Suzuki 4 strokes.

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