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You are all aware by now that the New Governor is not particularly Sportsmen friendly. Many of the gains we've made in the last 8 years are being threatened to be taken away from us. We've worked too hard on getting an archery bear hunt, Sunday bowhunting and the 150'ft perimeter rule to give it up now! if you love bowhunting and want to pass it along to your children and grand children, here's your chance! In March we had a wildly successful Northern Region Meeting and as promised UBNJ will be bringing more events to the North and I'm working on activities for the south as well!

But......... we can't do it alone, I'm asking for help! You can sign up to be a county rep work with the Northern Region Team, on holding events like a game dinner, golf outing, meetings and seminars, contest, 3-D shoots etc, etc. Even if you can donate a few hours to an event, it'll help us, make you feel like your protecting our sport and strengthen our bowhunting community. A couple of hours goes along way!!!!


This weekend a truly great organization the Bergen Bowmen will be hosting an open house at the Campgaw Mountain Archery Range, They're the oldest archery club in New Jersey and the event they're putting on to showcase the range is incredible. There will be all type of activity for every kind of shooter, bring your kids, your husbands/wives and boyfriends/girlfriends, on top of that there will be a 28 target field course for a modest donation. if you want to come up and hang I'll be there all weekend, if you want to help target set up is Friday at 4 PM. A big help would be coming up and supporting Bergen Bowmen and UBNJ

8AM - 4PM Saturday and Sunday

Campgaw Road  Mahwah, NJ 

Rain or Shine contact www.bergenbowmen.org or go to the Facebook page Bergen Bowmen Inc


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I cannot help on Friday, but I will try and make the shoot on Sunday and provide a donation.

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