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2017 Fall bow buck is home

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As some might remember 2016 I shot a nice state woods buck my son called G3PO because of star wars and his double G3. Well this season same spot there was a buck with double G2's so his name became DEJA2. 
so was blessed to take them 10 yards apart and exactly 1 yr & 2 days apart.
So opted to mount both on same pedestal.
Even though both had double points and little kicker the style of racks were different, this one had double brow and much lighter face. The one on the right is this year.

Made the base out of old barn wood we found down on her abandoned family her down in West Virginia this summer. Coal mine took the lease back in  the 80's. The made a road thru the property and that is how we were able to find the wood.





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Ty guys made it more special because along with him naming them had son take off to help with the tracking and finding him, priorities right?!  He's 7 yrs

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Great deer and real nice looking mount tomturkey, congratulations.  :up:

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