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Numbers Up & Down for 2018

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 In The areas, I fish such as The Raritan Bay-Shore and Local Lakes in Monmouth County & one in Ocean The number of people fishing has been Down significantly while the Fishing has been good to Excellent For The stocked Trout and Bluefish and stripers now showing up in larger and  Legal numbers from the shorelines.   Seems The Bucket Sitters are hiding even the landscapers in my neighborhood have a hard time finding help.with ICE on the lookout.     Gee, I hope Murphy does something to protect them while the fishing remains good. and the Lawns grow Higher. I miss the sound of the Mariachi Music over the waters of Nj.  Will Taco Bell close  :eek:   Will all the Trout being stocked become Holdovers. Will NJFG stop stocking for the lack of fisherman interest? 

If this gets worse I will Start a  Unductument Fishermans Foundation ( UFF ) To give Protections and Transportation to see They get a Safe Beach Status.  :hippie:

















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That's good the number of guys is down. More for the real fishermen

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