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Plumbing SDR35 and Schedule 40 for outdoor drainage

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Well it didn’t take long to test the system.  Glad I was home because not only did it flood out the low point but it backed up all the way to the other points too.  Had some minor flooding into the basement that I caught quickly enough.  Looks like I’ll be recruiting a drainage installer to get this and a couple other areas right.  What area you work in Heavyopp? :)

Videos from tonight...not good!  That waste line obviously isn’t terminated properly.  

Low point then higher point.  All that water no good around foundation, definitely have to get it fixed right.  



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At least you where aware of a possible issue and paid attention to it 

I'm in Middlesex Borough -- Zip is 08846 

What town are you in? 

It still may be worthwhile for you to explore where that pipe terminates even though it is only 3 inch -- depends on how big your roof is and how many leaders are piped into the 3 inch 

Honestly, my feeling is 3 inch is just too small for anything more than 1 leader -- think about the internal size of a 2x3 leader compared to the internal size of the 3 inch -- Not much difference...


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Oh ok, I'm down in Southampton 08088.

There's two downspouts into it, although I do think you're probably right that any more than 1 is too much for it to handle.  I'm going to get some estimates on that and some other drainage/plumbing work and go from there.  If you're interested, definitely shoot me a PM and we'll work out a time to go over it here at the house.  If it's too far, that's OK too.  :up:

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Yea unfortunately thats longer than I want to drive in the trucks 

Keep the pictures coming and I'll supervise from here

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I just had this job done by a landscaper yesterday.  He used 4" pipe and said it should take anything. Mine goes to the street so it's a little different.  He also put in a cleanout just in case.

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Generally when I want them to take "anything" I'll use 6" sdr 35 --I've even used 8" on commercial projects

It's all relative to the size of the roof and number of leaders


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So I did make a few calls yesterday to get some appointments for estimates.  I spoke with one of the higher rated (Google Reviews) landscaping companies and he explained that he only uses hard (assuming SDR) waste piping, nothing corrugated (I agree per what I've read).  His approach is to run all downspouts a minimum of 20 ft away from the house with 4" and then he terminates that 4" waste pipe into a 5 gallon bucket filled with stone and has holes drilled in the bottom of it.  From there he T's upward to a 9" catch basin at ground level (for overflow?).  This sounds like a decent plan to get water away from the house, however I'd imagine that bucket will probably fill pretty quickly anyway and water will flow out of the 9" catch basin.  I guess that's the unclear part.  I've seen videos where some people just use a pole hole digger to dig about a 5' hole where the 4" waste line terminates and fill it with peastone up to a T at the waste line termination then run the top of the T to ground level with a grate top for overflow and to use as a cleanout.  Both are similar ways, just one is a post hole vs a 5 gallon bucket.  Either way, I don't think either will be able to handle more than one downspout without overflowing pretty heavily.  Maybe the overflow is just fine given it's away from the house and especially where I'm at, is all sand and does drain pretty quickly...the exception being massive downpours (which is also where I had my problems described above).


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