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WTS Double bit axe

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The axe is a old 3.5# double bit on a 40" handle, it has good patina on the head, with some minor nicks on the felling edge, and has some good nicks and a chip on the beater edge, I made the handle my self out of a good solid piece of hickory, I left the handle fat for being abused while splitting wood, of which it's taken a nice stain from all the grit and oils from chopping down trees, and splitting firewood. I'd recommend either for decoration, or for use. For splitting firewood, or which I split a few cords with this axe, it's best to start a crack on the far side and then flick the axe right before it hit's the round which busts the round apart. I specifically shanked one side of the handle so the axe head would be a little crooked so you could hold it at an angle and it would cause the same effect as the flick. Granted one could still use it drive in the blade, I will say though splitting large rounds with an axe is far different animal then with a maul so you'll need to figure out how you want to go about that, I'd say if you had easy wood, and a long workday, this would serve you well as you can go a lot longer with the lighter head.


I can pretty much guarantee the head won't fly off the handle, or get loose, if it could it would have happened by now, the handle has some crude wood burning of my initials, and a rough ruler with 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 inch marks that I used for measuring rounds, cuts, stumps, etc.

The main chopping blade will be at least fairly sharp, more then adequate for axe work, and well the other blade is bou't as dull as a butter knife. I'd recommend taking a bench grinder to the beater edge and use that side for chopping roots, and spitting wood on rocky ground. If the one is interested in learning the flick, bring a couple rounds (one clean straight gran, other knotty and twister, over and I'll give you a quick crash course on it. (Most of my firewood is axe cut so I split it like I'm swinging a golf club on the ground, so I don't have any saw cut rounds or any for that matter lying around)


I'd like a $100 for it, but I can take offers above $75 - $90 for it if one gives me a few traditional arrows.


I can only do pick up at my house, I live in Sussex County so I'd recommend you think about if the drive is worth it for you.









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Who knew there could be so much into an axe?

Good luck with the sale

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Put it  on Ebay or elsewhere online...a few people come to our Estate Sales and look  for axes which they say sell real well in the midwest where there are lots of collectors .....who would have guessed ??

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